CAPEES Student Chapter

The student chapter of CAPEES was established in October 2022. As a subsidiary of CAPEES, the student chapter will serve graduate students and postdocs community in the environmental engineering and science and related fields. The CAPEES student chapter aims to provide chances for graduate students and postdoc members to communicate with other CAPEES members, also it will periodically organize various events for graduate students and postdocs to share research and life experiences also exchange information for career opportunities. The CAPEES student chapter will thrive to set up an open, sharing, informative and cooperative platform to enhance the communication between graduate students, postdocs and faculty members, industrial leaders, etc. helping graduate students and postdocs to expose to the frontier of the industry, to develop skill sets, and to better prepare themselves for future career in academia, industry, government, etc.

The CAPEES Student Chapter Officers are Ruoyu Wang (Postdoc at Yale), Yuankai Huang (Postdoc at Georgia Tech), Chunjie Xia (Postdoc at Indianna University) and Yunpo Li (Postdoc at Princeton University). The student chapter liaison is Renzun Zhao (North Carolina A&T State University).

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