CAPEES - Award for Environmental Application of AI/ML

(Up to) One award will be given in 2024 to recognize one CAPEES professor (any rank) who has made significant contributions to applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to address critical challenges in environmental science and engineering. The selected recipient will receive an award certificate (or a plaque) and a cash award of $1,000. 

Eligibility Requirements: 

Nomination packages should include (1) a nomination letter from the nominator articulating the contributions or impacts of their research (e.g., recent journal publications or relevant achievements or record), (2) a full curriculum vitae of the nominee, and (3) an optional reference letter to provide additional endorsement. To submit a nomination, please use the generic nomination form accessible through this link.

We encourage all eligible CAPEES members to submit your nominations by 03/31/2024. An award committee will be established after the nomination deadline to evaluate the award nomination packages and make award recommendations to the governing committee of CAPEES.

*This award is sponsored by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.