CAPEES Distinguished Service Award

The CAPEES Distinguished Service Award is given annually to recognize CAPEES members who have made substantial contributions in servicing the CAPEES community.

2022 Recipient

Wen Zhang

New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

2021 Recipient

Yandi Hu

Peking university, China

2020 Recipient

Baoxia Mi

University of California, Berkeley, USA

2019 Recipient

Xu Li

University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA

2018 Recipient

Zhen (Jason) He

Virginia Tech, USA

(now Washington University in St. Louis)

2017 Recipient

Huichun (Judy) Zhang

​Case Western Reserve University, USA

2016 Recipient

Baolin Deng

​University of Missouri, USA

2015 Recipient

Zhiyong Ren

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

(now Princeton University)

2014 Recipient

Qilin Li

​​ Rice University, USA

2014 Recipient

Hao Tang

​​Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA