Membership Eligibility

CAPEES membership is an essential part of being in the CAPEES community and it offers substantial benefits and opportunities to its members. Environmental engineering and science (EES) scholars, students, and professionals are all welcome to join CAPEES. While CAPEES was established by a group of Chinese-American who work in the EES profession in the US, it has attracted members around the world over the years.

Membership Registration and Renewal

Application for and renewal of membership is made by submitting the online application form. You will receive email notifications, updates and other communications.

For any questions, please contact or CAPEES office.

Membership Fee and Donation

Membership fee will be used to support the operation of CAPEES, organization of workshops and CAPEES activities, and potentially awards to CAPEES members. There are three categories of membership as described below:

  1. Lifetime member($400 one-time payment) If you hold a full-time tenured faculty appointment in the field of Environmental Engineering and Science at a higher education institution in North America.

  2. Regular member ($20/year) If you presently hold a full-time faculty appointment, or a position deemed equivalent by the Membership Committee, in the field of EES at a higher education institution in North America.

  3. Affiliated member ($10/year) If you are (a) a graduate student or post-doctoral scholar in the field of EES at a higher education institution in North America, or (b) a professor or research scientist in the field of EES at a university outside North America.

Registered members will receive an annual reminder for membership due which can be paid via the link below using either PayPal or Credit Cards. CAPEES also welcomes donations of any size from individuals and organizations with the passion of supporting the vision and missions of CAPEES. Interested donors please contact current CAPEES president or treasurer to discuss possible donations.

Ready to join or renew membership? You can complete the application form online!