Yuankai Huang


I am Yuankai Huang. I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Yongsheng Chen. I received my Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering at the University of Connecticut in 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Baikun Li. Before that, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Master's degree in Environmental Engineering at the South China University of Technology.

Current Research Topic and Achievements

My research explores the intersection of diverse disciplines to address critical water-resource-energy-sensor-data challenges. Specifically, I am passionate about pioneering real-time water quality monitoring through the design of robust, reliable water sensors, developing renewable energy technologies such as microbial electrochemical systems and anaerobic digestion to promote energy-sustainable water treatment, and harnessing the power of novel computational and data-driven methods to revolutionize digital water-energy infrastructure. I have published 20 peer-reviewed papers in journals such as Environmental Science & Technology, Energy & Environmental Science, Water Research, Chemical Engineering Journal, etc. I have received awards such as the CAPEES-Elsevier Doctoral Dissertation Award, UConn Outstanding Graduate TA Awards, and Georgia Tech Postdoctoral Excellence Award for my academic, educational, and leadership contributions.

Career Goal in 5-10 Years

My career goal is to pursue an academic position in which I can continue the frontier research of water monitoring and energy/resource recovery technology and yield a profound impact on new-generation researchers/engineers. I will conduct high-quality research on sensor development, data processing, and water treatment to address pressing global challenges such as water scarcity, water safety, and carbon reduction. In the long term, I aim to broaden my research scope by exploring new applications related to AI, cloud computing, and decision science to contribute to solving real-world challenges in the water-energy-food nexus. I will also focus on mentoring and training graduate students to contribute to developing future leaders in environmental engineering.

Fun Fact

Balancing a PhD with fatherhood, I welcomed two lovely sons during my doctoral studies. Juggling diapers and dissertations taught me more than just time management – it honed my multitasking skills, patience, and empathy.