CAPEES-ESE Early Career Award Recipients

CAPEES established the original Early Career Award in 2017 with sponsorship from Nanova. The award was renamed the CAPEES-UCEEF Early Career Award in 2023 with sponsorship from UCEEF, and subsequently renamed the CAPEES-ESE Early Career Award in 2024.

CAPEES-UCEEF Early Career Award Recipients (2023)

2023 Recipients

Yujie Men

University of California, Riverside, USA

Tiezheng Tong

Colorado State University, USA

CAPEES-Nanova Early Career Award Recipients (2017-2022)

2022 Recipient

Jinyong Liu

University of California, Riverside, USA

2021 Recipient

Xing Xie

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

2020 Recipient

Shihong Lin

Vanderbilt University, USA

2019 Recipient

Danmeng Shuai

George Wasington University, USA

2018 Recipient

Hua Cai

Purdue University, USA

2017 Recipient

Baoxia Mi

University of California Berkeley, USA