Chinese-American Professors in Environmental Engineering and Science (CAPEES)

CAPEES was established in 2007 by a group of pioneering and visionary Chinese American professors such as Drs. C. P. Huang, Yuefeng Xie, Qilin Li and Ching-Hua Huang. Following the establishment, there have been 15 CAPEES presidents and their officer teams who contributed significantly the growth of CAPEES’s impact. Under these vibrant presidency leaderships, CAPEES has become the first and the largest academic association of Chinese environmental engineering and science scholars in North America ( In 2018, CAPEES was officially listed as a federal and state registered nonprofit organization under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c) (3). After more than a decade of development, CAPEES garners over 200 faculty and student members from North America and the rest of the world.

CAPEES has the following goals:

(1) promote discovery, exchange, and dissemination of knowledge and ideas in the field of environmental engineering and science (EES);

(2) foster professional growth and career development of Chinese American professors in EES;

(3) provide expert scientific and technical services to the EES community and the society at large.

​CAPEES aims to accomplish these objectives through workshops and symposia, dissemination of technical information, mentoring of students and young scholars, and participation in national and international research and educational programs.


  • While the name of CAPEES suggests that we are Chinese scholars who work in the filed of EES in the US, our members are from around the world. The US, Canada, and China are the top three countries where our members are located. ​

  • While CAPEES was established as a communication platform for professors, it has evolved to embrace postdocs and PhD students who plan to pursue an academic career.


If you use WeChat (微信), please search and join us at 华人环境教授协会 CAPEES on WeChat

You can also contact us via email (click here).