CAPEES Founding President Best Paper Award

The CAPEES Founding President Best Paper Award is given annually to recognize the outstanding papers published by Chinese students and/or postdoctoral scholars around the world in the field of environmental science and engineering.*

Eligibility Requirement:

  1. Active CAPEES faculty members are eligible to make nominations. One member can make one nomination.

  2. Students or postdocs who are active CAPEES members or current or past advisees of active CAPEES faculty members are eligible to be nominated.

  3. For the 2021 award, the selected journal paper of which the nominee is the lead author needs to be published in 2019-2021.

  4. The award committee members cannot make nominations or evaluate his/her advisees, but his/her advisees will be eligible to be nominated by other CAPEES faculty members.

  5. Up to TWO awards will be made for the 2021 award.

Application Process:

  1. The nomination deadline for the CAPEES Founding President Best Paper Award is typically the end of March every year. All nomination materials need to be submitted on the CAPEES’s website (via a Google Form).

  2. Nomination packages should include (1) a 1-page nomination letter that gives the full citation of the paper, the contribution of the nominee to the paper, the reasons why the paper is considered a landmark, and a description of the influence the paper has or will have on the environmental science and engineering field; (2) a clear electronic copy of the publication; and (3) current contact information for the authors of the publication.

  3. The award committee will review and recommend the award(s) to the CAPEES board, which will then make the final selections. The committee is comprised of experts in different Environmental Engineering and Science areas and nominated by the Board.

  4. The selected recipients will receive an Award Certificate and cash award of $300.

* The award was made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Yuefeng Xie and Janet Ai. CAPEES welcomes donations from other sponsors and may negotiate the naming right of the awards. The award selection process is independent of the sponsor(s).