CAPEES-UCEEF Environmental Educator Award

The CAPEES-UCEEF Environmental Educator Award is given annually to recognize one outstanding Chinese professor of environmental science and engineering working in North America with demonstrated research achievements, leadership and innovation that promotes the academia-industry collaborations and catalyzes solutions to global environmental problems.

Eligibility Requirement:

  1. Nominees must have valid CAPEES memberships (regular, life and honorary members only) at the time of nomination, but nominators do not have to be CAPEES members.

  2. Nominees not selected in previous years can be renominated again for unlimited times with updated nomination package.

  3. Members of the CAPEES Award Committee of the year cannot nominate or be nominated for the award.

Application Process:

  1. The nomination deadline for the CAPEES-UCEEF Environmental Educator Award is typically April 30 every year. All nomination materials need to be submitted on the CAPEES’s website (via a Google Form).

  2. Nomination packages should include (1) a nomination letter from the nominator, and (2) the full curriculum vitae of the nominee.

  3. The recipient of award will receive a plaque and a cash prize of $1000, typically in June or July during the conjunction of a professional conference in the US.

*This award is sponsored by the U.S. - China Environmental Education Foundation (UCEEF). UCEEF was founded in 2013 in New Jersey with the mission of promoting environmental education. As a 501 (c) 3 corporation, UCEEF strives to build a bridge of cooperation between American and Chinese environmental organizations and individuals through engagement of environmental studies and research projects that further promote environmental protection, awareness, and public education between US and China. CAPEES is grateful to UCEEF for endowing this award.

​*The award is created by a generous donation from the U.S. - China Environmental Education Foundation (UCEEF; CAPEES welcomes donations from other sponsors and may negotiate the naming right of the awards. The award selection process is independent of the sponsor(s).