CAPEES-Nanova Early Career Awards

(Up to) Two awards will be given in 2023 to recognize outstanding early career professors in environmental science and engineering. Nominees must be faculty members in tenure-track and have not been granted tenure by the deadline of nomination. Each recipient will receive an award certificate (or a plaque) and a cash award of $500.

Eligibility Requirement:

  1. Nominees must have valid regular CAPEES memberships at the time of nomination, but nominators do not have to be CAPEES members.

  2. Nominees from award nomination in previous years can be re-nominated, as long as the nominees still meet the eligibility requirement. The nominators may submit updated materials before the deadline.

  3. Members of the CAPEES Award Committee cannot nominate or be nominated for the awards during the period of service.

Nomination Packages should include (1) a nomination letter from the nominator and (2) the full curriculum vitae of the nominee. To submit a nomination, please use the generic nomination form accessible through this link.

We encourage all eligible CAPEES members to submit your nominations by 02/28/2023. An award committee will be established after the nomination deadline to evaluate the award nomination packages and make award recommendations to the governing committee of CAPEES.

* This award is made possible by the generous support from Nanova Environmental

( who has been supporting CAPEES since 2017.