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Special Session

The 28th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management
Philadelphia, PA U.S.A. March 10-13, 2013

Landfill leachate represents one of the most challengeable wastewaters with extremely complex composition. Since the early 1970s, a variety of physical, chemical and biological methods have been attempted to address multiple contaminants in landfill leachate. Refractory organic matters and ammonia are two persistent traditional contaminants in leachate. Besides, emerging contaminants (e.g., estrogens) frequently found in leachate have recently become a new challenge.

This special session aims to cover all the aspects of landfill leachate treatment, and provide a valuable opportunity to gather researchers working in the field and share our latest research and engineering practice. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to,
• Physicochemical treatment of landfill leachate (advanced oxidation processes, adsorption, ion exchange, membrane processes, etc.);
• Biological treatment of landfill leachate;
• Other leachate treatment (e.g., wetlands)
• Landfill leachate for energy (e.g. MFC);
• Emerging contaminants in landfill leachate (e.g., PPCPs, fluorochemicals, and nanomaterials);
• Characterization of refractory organic matters in landfill leachate;
• Removal of ammonia in landfill leachate.

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